I was getting that feeling again, hoping it shall be still somewhere the same. The ambiance, the view and what not. They would be probably the same in there. Good people, a bit scrambled sometimes, maybe. He picked me up at the station and we walked, talked, up, in, locks opened and there was the rubble, still there. Pop. The wines opened and we started talking, drinking, sudden bursts of creativity with a hint of gnomes and another drink next to the talking. 

The feelings were about nothing much, just another night in there. We went to a birthday party they were invited to. Still don’t know who they were. But that doesn’t make a difference –  still nothing. A good night of indifference, so let’s find my mattress in that lot. 

After I don’t know how long I found myself in front of the train station again. It was dark outside, but the streets were still buzzing with people. Everything was moving, runking, moving… whatever. I was waiting there, just walking up and down, undecided. A guy came up to me, asking what I was doing. In the background, the lights of a local sex-shop were shining. I answered that I was waiting. 

“Good for you, want some pot?” Didn’t want to have anything from him, but as I turned towards the dealer he noticed the high powered camera bungling at my side. Heh, he was bamboozled by a realization.  “Are you working for the news or something?” “Not right now, Currently I’m not like that.”

Damn it, there goes a casual shot on the street. They would not react passively to that right now. “They recorded a news item here, right here at the corner, some kind of report about something. Shit, I didn’t notice that we were working fully in the picture. 

So what are you doing then?”

“Just waiting”

“Good for you”

And that was it, a new deal came up and he ebbed away. 

After a while, so did I.