There was a bra lying at my feet.

A black one, shiny black cup.

And even more, were put in 

that plastic bag a few feet 


But that was it, for the rest,

all the clothing was in a


A woman was packing them.

Twisting and turning, 

pivoting around a couple

of axes beyond this dimension.

The room was tied around her.

She had beautiful eyes.

Blue, shining.

There was nothing that could

be more sensual than those eyes.

But the woman moved

like nobody was there.

I ate the orange slices.

They were given to me,

to have something till

the drinks were ready.

She was still moving.

From notches and 

cracks in the room

the final pieces

were strung out

and into the packs.

Done, and the offered drink 

was also in a state of waiting.

The bag of bras 

was somewhere gone.

Within an hour, she was gone.

I have gotten one of her shining eyes,

And she disappeared.

We went for a beer.