I weep for the next generation. We went for a beer and such, to get together with more people on the go. With the first stop at our friendly ever-present neighborhood pub, we found a barmaid hornier than, oh well, I don’t know… 

she was just flowing all over the pool table. 

We scrambled in quite a haste, mostly so that we wouldn’t laugh our asses off in muteness, and to protect the innocence of one among us against the horny. 

Off we were, down to the next watering hole. With the only excuse to be there to meet a few more lost souls. We ran through the ticket booth and scored our, once again, first beer. The high tables offered themselves as a safe haven. 

Just in front of, or behind, the “crowd”.

Like this, we could see what we were up against. 

It didn’t take long before one of us had to say it. Did the vibe change, were we hanging around for too long {already}? 

Was it just the crowd of that night? 

We felt old. 

The disturbing thing about this is, that we were all in the lower twenties and the youngsters around us were maybe a couple of years younger than we were. Tops. But nevertheless, what we saw was still innocent at heart. 

Most of these faces have never seen the bellows of a drinking frenzy. Have never been to bed with the intention to really play. Have never stolen a bike for survival or climbed a forbidden wall. Not that we would like to advocate the freak side of life. But still, it is a healthy experience to stroll through the mud once in a while. Something to fall back on if the first big stupor passes you by on the street. Is the world beginning to favor the more innocent among us?