Faces, Bodies – touch and senses. Tight young bodies, just in reach. The feeling that a 

well-formed ass passed by. Accidental scrub from a body to body. Then there is the chubby girl. All flesh. Somewhere ready for action. A bosom, big enough to land on? Moving, knowing how to control her body. Those eyes knowing what they want.

Other eyes, beautiful. Powerful. Lustful. Beautiful. 

Can we take her home daddy?  Please? Those eyes.

Flash. So much Flesh. Young bodies. All to young? 

And everywhere. Can’t move without touching skin.

            The electrics start up. Music.


Drinks. Booze gone. Movement, dull? Faces, bodies, sweat, drinks, movement, music, rhythm… all the same

One unintentional cope after the other….

                    Let’s hit the road