“Atheists are offended by anything that bears the mentioning of God in it” 
So is wine divine? 

A good or a bad one? 

What kind? 

Sitting in the mess of my own home, filth around me. No, I have no vacuum cleaner. 

The rat is scratching his back, cleaning himself. Sometimes looking at me for whatever reason. “I have cleaned, at least as far as my resources could have let me” is my defense.

As I near my eight hour of sipping that good Merlo, and it had been even more hours slowly clicking my pictures away. So one can’t help but come to think. Thoughts caught in the act of good jazz brought to me by Hank Roberts and companions, Jim Black and Marc Dubauc. I think, with apologies to Marc for misspelling his name.

Thinking back and rewriting that what I think in this light-headed state of being, one can really come to an agreement with the capability of this substance, a good wine under the right circumstances, to bring a man to near weightlessness. The music changed, the tones are lower, the strings more accentuated and so does my awareness change with it. More sharpened, pupils bigger.

Oh, sweet wine {although this one isn’t} praised thou all, and all who sinned to drink thee under the right circumstances. Thou divine foul beast, lover of man’s soul. May thee Hank R. be with You.

And as I raise my next glass, I float on to weightlessness.