A small basement room, not even a basement actually, just a ground floor room underneath the rest. Windows were closed and darkened with heavy cloth. This to keep the warmth in and the eyes out. The furniture was really basic. A mattress on some pallets, a few planks for books, a glass table and another one made out of boxes. Oh, and the bookcase filled with everything but books. Accessory.

An extra mattress was thrown down, just as some sheets and a blanket. A laptop with music and movies was set by. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

A drink to go with it.

Ever done this before?         


The leaflet opened. Two cards in hand.

This is how you spread it, divide it and lay it out. Here is the tube for you. Hold one nostril down and go.

His neck flew back. Wooo. Good, Another?

Have a drink? You will prepare the next one. Wooo. Watch for the backflow and it’s ok to pick your nose.

You like that stuff, he?

Music was turned on, hardly audible. And the conversations stretched on ‘till the morning light. No destruction, but I got to know. Something new. Genuinely interesting. The tiredness was no question, the lights were less dim. Next time I took a nap like that. With it. Lying in the dark, body switched off. Inside. Just the occasional twitching to check if everything was there. It has tried calling me ever since. Two nights of untiredness.